Habit Stick

Make a good habit stick

Habits how to


Dream up your new tiny habit

Make your new habit something small, something you can do everyday, and something that’s positive (i.e. avoid habits like ‘don’t do xyz’). Then write it on your habit stick!


Put your stick somewhere handy

Now get cosy with your habit stick. Put it somewhere you'll see it at least once a day (e.g. by your tooth brush, on your desk, on the fridge) to keep it top of mind.


Tick tick tick!

Every time you do your fledgling habit tick it off on the stick. Tick's are a micro reward that keep you going. After the first few times it might get harder - but 'stick' at it (ouch that was bad).


Reward yourself

Now for the fun bit. Plan something great for when you make your last tick. Whether that's a Game of Thrones marathon or a personalised trophy, do something that you love. You've earned it!



Habits 101

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Ten tips to make your habit stick

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Get goal savvy

We all have things we want to be better at, do more of, and accomplish. It can be useful to spend time thinking about the things which are important in our lives, and focus more of our attention to doing them.

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Healthy Thinking

Healthy thinking doesn’t mean you have to be Ned Flanders 100% of the time!

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Train for happiness!

Research based methods for feeling happier and living brighter.

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Hobsonville Habits!

"What if education was less about acquiring skills and knowledge and more about cultivating the dispositions that students will need for a lifetime of learning, problem solving and decision making?"

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